Bulbs for spring 2017

We have just completed this years spring and summer bulb orders and are looking forward to receiving hundreds of bulbs ready for planting. If you haven't considered bulbs for your garden yet there is still time but don't wait too long as many require a period of cold before flowering.

Here are a few of our favourites that we will be planting to provide additional colour and interest in our clients gardens for spring 17.

Crocus tommasinianus & Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

Crocus tommasinianus & Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

Crocus tommasinianus

One of the best spring flowering Crocus, providing early interest from Feb-March. Small cup shaped pale silver-lilac flowers shine out to lift spirits during the cold and darker months. Plant in poor to moderately fertile, gritty soil in full sun.

Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

Another small but striking flower to provide colour early in the year. Flowering in February their deep violet-blue flowers with yellow throats are beautiful standing out against bare soil or the buff remains of herbaceous perennials. Plant in moderately fertile soil in full sun to dappled shade.

Narcissus 'Rippling Water' & Narcissus Rijnveld's Early Sensation'

Narcissus 'Rippling Water' & Narcissus Rijnveld's Early Sensation'

Narcissus 'Rippling Water'

A beautiful multi-headded pure white daffodil with a delicate stature and soft fragrance making it perfect for picking for the house as well as enjoying in the garden. Plant in any moderately fertile soil with good drainage and keep moist during the growing season.

Narcissus 'Rijnveld's Early Sensation'

A very early daffodil that can bring colour to the garden as early as December or January. We are planting this variety in front gardens to enjoy on those long dark days and bring an early sense of springs arrival.  Plant in any good garden soil.

Tulipa 'Merlot' & Tulipa 'Queen of Night'

Tulipa 'Merlot' & Tulipa 'Queen of Night'

Tulipa 'Merlot'

A rich deep violet-burgundy Tulip with delicate elongtated petals that looks particularly striking drifted through perennial grasses. Plant in full sun in moderately fertile soil with good drainage.

Tulipa 'Queen of Night'

This deep purple almost black tulip is always popular with clients and is requested each year. Often planted with white Tulips to create a black and white affect, we love to plant them in dense groups with other deep rich tones to create a striking display in May.

As always our top tip is to plant bulbs in large sweeps to create impact. Gently toss bulbs into the air and plant them where they land for the most natural feel. It's also a good idea to repeat bulbs across the garden where conditions allow to proide a rhythm in the planting. 

For specialist, quality bulbs visit Peter Nyssen, De Jager and Jacques Amand