February 2016

It’s been a particularly busy January so before we succumb to the project schedule I wanted to endeavour to keep up this years promise of a regular blog update.

We have recently completed a small (but perfectly formed) front garden for a previous client in the Docklands. He is thrilled with the garden so far, a simple design of granite pathway and lots of lovely seasonal planting. The shrubs and tree have been planted and we will be back on site in the spring to complete the perennial planting stage.

A great new construction has just gotten underway in Wanstead. The family garden design has been on our board for quite some time now. Originally designed in 2013 we have been waiting for the property to undergo fairly major refurbishment before being able to get on site. With the house just about complete the clients are excited to finally see works start outside.

With lots of new enquiries we have been out meeting potential clients for consultations as well as spending much of the month drawing up presentation designs and second stage construction detailing for projects that will be moving to tender and construction stage in the coming weeks.

Until next month!